Slow down.  Take a deep breath.  Put on your headphones and listen carefully.


There’s a beauty in listening to a piece of art as it was intended to be heard.


Too often these days we grab the headline, skim the preface, take the Cliff’s Notes.  What would happen, what would we see, what would be we learn if we stopped. To smell. The roses?


What if this all ended tomorrow?

What does your life look like?

Who speaks at your funeral?

What do they say?

What does your Facebook timeline look like?

Embarrassed yet?


Turn the god damn TV off.


Don’t you owe something to the generation before you?  To the generation following you?  Or is this just all about you?


Is this all about you?  Are you so vain you think this is all about you?


Cute selfie.


Stop being a selfish, stubborn, willfully ignorant citizen of the human race.  PAY ATTENTION!  People are dying.  People are dying.  People. Are. dying!


Obama was/is a terrorist.


Jesus died at 32, just shy of the life expectancy of his time.  You have very limited time to make a difference, to live a meaningful life.  And you are wasting it obsessed with and trying to interfere with the limited time of others?


I’m running out of patience of willful ignorance.  I’m running out of politeness in response to blatant disregard for the basic civility and human decency of others.


Consider this your fair warning: If you know me, meet me, are near me, I will not tolerate any statement, opinion or joke which degrades the basic dignity of another person.  I have a family, I have children.  I want them to grow old.  I want them to see the wonders of the earth.  I want them to have MORE than I could dream for them.  You are fucking that up.


Stop.  Slow down.  Listen to what you are hearing.  Read the full article.  Process, analyze, think.  Think.  Think.  Think. Think.  Think.  Think.


It’s a scary world out there.  What is going to happen to you when you die?  Do you worry about who you will leave behind?  You should.


Buy more stuff.


We have to get along.  If we’re going to survive, we have to get along.  It’s not optional.  Are you really going to retreat to your bunker with your water and batteries?  I get it.  He doesn’t look like me.  They don’t believe in God.  He’s African or Muslim or fucking WHITE!  But this is it, we are the Hominina Tribe, you going to go to Mars?















This woman.

My Beauty

This woman.

Held me. Holds me. While she

Saved me. Saves me.

This woman.

Told me. Tells me. How much she

Loved me. Loves me.

This woman.

Taught me. Teaches me. As she

Tolerated me. Tolerates me.

This woman. I

Looked up. Look up. To as she

Kept on. Keeps on.

This woman.

Inspired me. Inspires me. While I

Admired her. Admire her.

This woman.

Said Yes. I do.

Thank you.


Heinz – September 10, 2015


Let’s catch up – ketchup, ha.

Two years since my last writing and even now I’m forcing my pen to paper.  I used to dispense of all my emotions as they happened, and now I just carry them to the attic to be looked back on someday with the distorted reality that memories bring.  So let’s try to fix that.

My dad died.

My grandma died.

My son was born.

My dog died.

I earned a promotion.

We bought our second home.

Friendships changed.

I changed.

I’m out of shape now, always fighting it.  Still skinny, but not the stud I used to be.

I’m still a progressive, still a curious, humanist atheist.

Still love fashion.  Fell in love with design.

I love anyone and anything that inspires me.

I’m obsessed with grammar.  I wrote the previous sentence incorrectly.

Music is still my life force.  I don’t think that will ever change.

I hate selfishness and long for selflessness.

I’m filled with equal amounts of hope and fear for our future.

I’m 33.

I drink too much.  I ________ too much.  I don’t care enough to stop.

I’m happy.  Really, no joke.

My wife is amazing.  My son is unreal.  My career is successful and still young.  I have found much I was never looking for.

And I’m not close to being finished.

Confessions of a Wannabe Hipster – May 16, 2013


The funniest part of the beginning of this thought is that some of my friends think I’m a hipster, or maybe they just think I’m a wannabe hipster.

I’ve always struggled with that – self vs. perceived-self.  I know who I am, but still worry incessently about who people think I am.

Or even how people think I think I am.

I think my worst nightmare is to be thought of as a poser.

In truth, I really have no idea how others perceive me.  I’d like to say I don’t care, but I do.  Not in the sense of how I dress or look, or being “hip”, but that people know I’m genuine – that I’m honest, real, not a front.  I think this will always be an internal struggle for me.

And I want to be better than I often fool myself to be.

I get caught in my own self-created hype.

I wish I was smarter, a lot smarter.  I know some pretty brilliant people, and I am certainly not one of them.

I wish i was more driven.  I’ve met some inspiring people, and I am less than accomplished.

I wish I was a better person.  I know some friends who truly get life, and I’ve walked in the same circle for years.

As of this writing, I’m not ready to break a mentality instantly that took more than a decade to build, but I’m stepping off the curb.  No more circles.  Let’s see where enlightenment can truly take us.

The Audacity of Audacity

Dear Representative Ryan,

How dare you call yourself a Christian.   I was raised a Christian, and was a devout Christian until a few years ago when people like you made me look at the Church in a different way.

The Christianity I knew, the Jesus I knew, taught aide for the sick.  The Jesus I grew up with preached compassion for the poor.  He fed the masses, freed the suppressed, and believed in being the voice of justice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.

I was taught of a Christianity that invited everyone to the table.  Of a faith that believed the ultimate demonstration of love is the giving of oneself for another.  That if my neighbor is cold, I invite him in, and if she has nowhere to sleep with her unborn child, you give her a bed.

You, and those who believe as you do, have perverted Christianity.  You have hi-jacked a religion and used it to manipulate a constituency.

You are in no form, a Christian.  Using megaphone buzz themes like pro-life, religious freedom, and homosexual marriage, does not make you a follower of Christ.  You have admitted to a belief that we are in a fight for “individualism versus collectivism.”

And that, Mr. Paul, is not the Jesus I grew up with.

Most Sincerely,

Brandon Hewitt

Now Boarding

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.

I’d like to welcome you to Fate Airlines, Flight 1203, departing life-as-you-know-it for destination unknown.  We here at Fate Airlines strive to give you a truly memorable experience, though cannot guarantee the results.  We understand you might not know how you came to be in your seat, but please feel comfortable to put your seat back, let go of your insecurities and fears, and enjoy the ride.  Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, and in case of an emergency, there are no parachutes on board.  You are welcome to seek the advice of friends and family as life preservers, but we are hopeful and confident you will be just fine during our trip together.

You will notice this is a limited-seating aircraft, two people to be exact.  At this time, the flight attendant will ask you to look across the aisle and you can see that your names were assigned to these seats long before you arrived to our wonderful plane.  Feel free to introduce yourselves, get to know each other, share your dreams and goals, laugh and converse, and simply sit near one another, as this could be a very long flight.

In case of turbulence, please do not panic, nor look for an oxygen mask – we have none.  All you will need to do is extend your arm into the aisle way, take the hand of your fellow passenger, look into his/her eyes, and you will know that everything will be ok.

At various times during the flight, our lovely and very attractive flight attendants will be making their way down the aisle to tempt you with our wonderful menu of food, drinks and desserts.  As your Captain, I must encourage you to be careful of the choices you make, as some of our most tempting candies can lead to regret, irreparable harm, and heartache.

For your entertainment and pleasure, we have a lifetime of memories to be made with our custom flight cabin, which holds nights alone, comfortable silence, endless conversation, music concerts, a petting zoo, manatees, the world’s most complete mall, walks on the beach, time with family and friends, vacations, an absence of mean people, and an endless array of other to-dos.

The forecast for our arrival is sunny for as long as the passengers stay together.  We here at Fate Airlines discourage our passengers from parting ways, as the weather outside can turn dark and stormy and is often too much for one person to handle alone.  As long as our passengers depend and trust each other, however, we have found they enjoy general happiness, fulfillment, and contentment.

We’d like to thank you once again for flying with us.  We understand that you have a choice in who you fly with, and we appreciate you allowing life to lead you here.  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.


(Originally created 11.30.06)

I watched my neighbor on our porch tonight.  She didn’t know I was watching.  I had gotten up from bed to see what the dog was muttering to herself about and looked through my front door’s spy hole.  I don’t think it was my neighbor the dog heard, because she wasn’t talking.  She had her phone to her ear, but she wasn’t saying anything.  She held it there for about a minute, then closed it without a word.  I wondered if she was just checking her voicemail or trying, unsuccessfully, to call someone.

Before she closed her phone, she burnt the tip of a cigarette and gave it a short pull.  I wondered, now, who she was trying to call.  After the call was over, she gave her square a longer pull.  This one she brought back, deep inside her breath and, after a second’s pause, raised her chin and blew out a steady line of smoke.  She looked back down at her phone… then took another drag… down to the phone…. another drag.  Without ashing, she finished the entire cigarette in about two minutes and walked back into her apartment.

The phone didn’t ring.  I can’t help but wonder who she called, who she was waiting to have a call from, and if they were the same person.  I wonder if he’ll call her tonight at all.  Did they have a fight?  Did they just meet?  Is it a secret?  Maybe it was her best friend, or mother, or maybe just her voicemail turned into a timer to see how fast she could finish a smoke.

Who do you think of late at night?  As you lie in bed, or stand on your porch in your pajamas with a smoke or drink in your hand, who is it that keeps you up or puts you to a calm sleep?

I imagine for anyone, it could be a number of people on any given night depending on what you have dealt with today, yesterday or last week; but those insignificant thoughts usually only stick with us for a moment before they are dumped in our stress trash.  They don’t cause us to burn a square in record time.  Those last images before you fall asleep, or feelings that make your heart beat faster and stomach turn upside down – those are usually reserved for individuals with significant persuasion of the heart.

I am sure my neighbor had thought about more than who was supposed to be on the other line, but all she cared about for those few minutes was whether he/she would pick up;  then, whether her phone would ring anyway, even after they didn’t answer.  I wonder how someone could cause her to call so late and smoke so nervously.

I would go to bed now, but I think I need a smoke.

Red Stripe

(Originally created 11.21.06)

I don’t believe I have a “best” friend, but I know I have some pretty damn good ones.  Maybe not so much in the sense of knowing they will always be there to pick me up when I fall, but more in the idea that, as long as they’re around, I won’t fall in the first place.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t put a whole lot of faith/expectations in people.  I consider myself a strong and independent person, and when I do need answers, I usually turn to faith.  But I think there is something to be said about friendship and the incredible enrichment quality people can bring to your soul.

My friends are all so amazing and the best part is that they are so different and bring ink to this entry in their own unique way.  I have a friend who doesn’t talk much, but in the few words that are spoken, we’ve caught up in everything that’s been going on in each other’s life.  I have a friend who is so incredibly intelligent, but doesn’t know it (and another one who does).  One friend is so guarded on the outside, but in a 15-minute conversation becomes the most thoughtful spirit I’ve ever encountered.  I even have a friend who doesn’t know we’re friends yet; friends who have ambitions and dreams that remind me to never give up on mine; and, friends who keep me grounded in the realities that surround me.

What is most fascinating to me is how all these people change my life without knowing it.  I don’t believe I need that one best friend that I can turn to for anything.  I simply need to appreciate each person for his/her individuality.

To my friends, I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

I am, admittedly, quite a strange mind, but to those who are in my life, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter.  My friends surely have discussed me in good and bad light, but I also know they’ve all defended me against those who don’t know me.

As a disclaimer to all of this, and perhaps to reconcile this with any of my previous musings, I am not disillusioned into believing that the names of my friends won’t change over time.  But I think that fact makes this thought that much more compelling.  When we place pressure on our friends to stay the same, never to lose contact, or act in accordance with our standards, we’re missing the point and we are not really friends at all.  I think I’ll always have those friends that I’ll know until I pass, but I also know that the substance of even those relationships will change.  I love that my friends are crazy, or scared, or old, or in love, or restless, or in need of reading these words if only to know that someone appreciates them at this moment.

Friends are a good thing.  Hooray Friends!

Call to Order

Welcome to The Jurisprudent.  My hope is to give my readers a view into my world and the world as I see it.  The Jurisprudent will certainly evolve over time, as we all should, but you can expect to see at least the following in these early dawning days:

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