Slow down.  Take a deep breath.  Put on your headphones and listen carefully.


There’s a beauty in listening to a piece of art as it was intended to be heard.


Too often these days we grab the headline, skim the preface, take the Cliff’s Notes.  What would happen, what would we see, what would be we learn if we stopped. To smell. The roses?


What if this all ended tomorrow?

What does your life look like?

Who speaks at your funeral?

What do they say?

What does your Facebook timeline look like?

Embarrassed yet?


Turn the god damn TV off.


Don’t you owe something to the generation before you?  To the generation following you?  Or is this just all about you?


Is this all about you?  Are you so vain you think this is all about you?


Cute selfie.


Stop being a selfish, stubborn, willfully ignorant citizen of the human race.  PAY ATTENTION!  People are dying.  People are dying.  People. Are. dying!


Obama was/is a terrorist.


Jesus died at 32, just shy of the life expectancy of his time.  You have very limited time to make a difference, to live a meaningful life.  And you are wasting it obsessed with and trying to interfere with the limited time of others?


I’m running out of patience of willful ignorance.  I’m running out of politeness in response to blatant disregard for the basic civility and human decency of others.


Consider this your fair warning: If you know me, meet me, are near me, I will not tolerate any statement, opinion or joke which degrades the basic dignity of another person.  I have a family, I have children.  I want them to grow old.  I want them to see the wonders of the earth.  I want them to have MORE than I could dream for them.  You are fucking that up.


Stop.  Slow down.  Listen to what you are hearing.  Read the full article.  Process, analyze, think.  Think.  Think.  Think. Think.  Think.  Think.


It’s a scary world out there.  What is going to happen to you when you die?  Do you worry about who you will leave behind?  You should.


Buy more stuff.


We have to get along.  If we’re going to survive, we have to get along.  It’s not optional.  Are you really going to retreat to your bunker with your water and batteries?  I get it.  He doesn’t look like me.  They don’t believe in God.  He’s African or Muslim or fucking WHITE!  But this is it, we are the Hominina Tribe, you going to go to Mars?















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