Call to Order

Welcome to The Jurisprudent.  My hope is to give my readers a view into my world and the world as I see it.  The Jurisprudent will certainly evolve over time, as we all should, but you can expect to see at least the following in these early dawning days:

  • Musings – thoughts from the underbelly
  • Fascinations – all things found unique and special in easy-to-find, but often overlooked, resources
  • Music – postings and reviews of new-to-me artists, music and videos
  • Observations – political and social criticisms and praises

Although commenting will be restricted, I do encourage feedback and discussion through e-mail.  Please feel welcome to let me know how much you love/hate a post, as well as present ideas and topics you want to see appear on The Jurisprudent.

Finally, thank you for reading, I hope you find what you’re looking for.